Viscaria fl - black tag ( rare- collectible )

For sale 2nd generation Viscaria FL in excellent condition.

For collection and usereceived_418591678789360

also .

You should put the prize

1000€ nagiotiatable

Or exchange with brand new black tag maze or viscaria + money difference from me !


1000€ :astonished::scream::open_mouth::hushed::astonished:
choqué !

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1000€ négociable ça veut juste dire qu’il ne donne pas de prix et attend des propositions

Oui de telle négociation doivent se faire en mp mais pas ouvertement comme cela !

Yeah , but we must list a price ,isnt it ?

So 1000€ means ,its for serious buyers, who can understand its value , also negotiable, because I’d rather to exchange with something else

Of course negotiations via pm ,but why to delete it ?

Et en français ça serait mieux non car sur les sites étrangers ils te font la remarque :grin:

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Sorry mate , cant translate correctly , so cant understand what you say , if you want reply in English or by pm

Please use

Thanks friend, seems nice tool !
I ll try it

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Anyone ?

Sold ! Please delete