Timo boll zlc USED FOR SALE CHEAP!

I’m selling for a friend
There is no box

70€ including shipping !


Wow the edge of the blade is totally fucked up ! No one is going to make an offer at that price.

Ça t’empêcheras pas de jouer

ça c’est clair, mais à ce prix…

Yes i know ,

Neither i would like it for myself, i only like to buy new items…

But remi is right , it doesnt affect the game , the rubbers glue normally on it ,

Also 8€ is the shipping so basically i sell it for 62€ ,

Maybe someone wants this to test how timo boll zlc plays and then sell it and buy new one or better condition …

Yes I get it, is was just my initial reaction when I saw the worst picture :slight_smile:

But it can be ok pour some people.


Someone who might wants to test how timo zlc plays ?

45+ shipping