Infos sur le bois Phantom de DMS

Qui aurait des infos sur le bois Phantom de DMS, à part le fait qu’il coute 140 euros et que c’est le bois d’Ademir Balaban…?

Merci d’avance pour les personnes qui pourront apporter des news !

PHANTOM- the newest model of our blades devised for long pimples, short pimples and anti, was created with the goal of enabling the maximum possible spin reversal and disruptive effect and will become a legend in this realm.

der-materialspezialist uses innovative technology “made in Germany” with PHANTOM.

The blade consists of hand chosen veneers that were glued together using a very old glueing technique requiring craftsmanship and expertise.

PHANTOM produces exceptional disruptive effect when used with pimples and anti-spin rubbers.

PHANTOM creates a very low ball trajectory, the ball literally sinks on your opponents side of the table.

This blade also offers fantastic possibilities when performing offensive strokes.

Through aggressive disruptive strokes like pushing, sideswipes and lifts, the playing rhythm of the opponent ist disrupted substantially.

When using pimples-IN rubbers PHANTOM creates highest spin values whilst enabling explosive ralley ending shots.

The control values of PHANTOM are near to perfect with all strokes.

der-materialspezialist PHANTOM - the gatekeeper to a new dimension!

Speed: 85
Control: 98
Weight: ca. 65g
Characteristics: ALL+
Layers: 6

A 65g a-t-il du balsa ?

le lien vers la vidéo semble corrompu…

Comme si les politiques ça ne suffisait pas… :smile::smile::smile: