Demande d'aide

Bonjour a tous. Je m’appelle Andrea et je suis italienne: d’autres joueurs et moi sommes en train de créer un nouvel revêtements Anti-Top, homologué par la ITTF. Pour cette raison, je sollicite votre aide pour une traduction correcte de la description du nouveaux revêtements qui apparaîtra sur la couverture. Excusez moi pour mon mauvais français.
Merci d’avance.
Bonne Année.

Voici le texte à traduire en français:

After countless studies and trials conducted by italian physics, the antispin rubber “vortex” was finally created.

Thanks to the combination of a smooth surface, of the placement of the internal dots and of an innovative material, the VORTEX rubber generates incredible inversion and disruptive effects, combined with an extreme control and “ball touch”.

The VORTEX rubber is available in 3 different versions, in order to have extreme versatility to every type of game.

The 3 versions are:

  • The “OX” version allows you to combine foam rubber in all the different combinations (that you can find on www………), so that every player can find the one that best enhances their abilities

  • The “standard version” is suitable for the players that are looking for a more rampant, more aggressive game and for the maximum disruptive effect on the blocks

  • The “extra slow” version is more suitable for the players that prefer a passive block close to the table and a more defensive antitop game. It allows the player to have a deeper feeling with the ball and also, because of the combination of foam rubber and topsheet, the player will feel the softness of the rubber. This version helps reduce the pushing errors and will allow to return very low and short balls.

VORTEX, the antispin rubber, has been specifically produced for plastic and Abs balls.